The Book Club - How Leaders Learn to Boost Creativity in teams - Rob Sheffield

The Book Club is specially for the ambitious, the curious and the fast-growing.

True creativity can be best achieved with longevity.

This was just one of the conclusions reached when we gathered for The Book Club at The Kensington Arms on the 15th May to discuss How Leaders Learn to Boost Creativity in Teams by Rob Sheffield. With Rob in attendance to answer questions and add valuable insights from his research and experience, a diverse group of business leaders spent an engaging couple of hours immersed in how to develop higher levels of creativity and innovation in their teams.

Rob's book has been described as a 'must read for those who need creativity and innovation to meet their everyday challenge,' (Bo Hu, Product Quality Director at GE Healthcare), and provides ' intriguing insight into leadership itself, and what it means to be a leader in a rapidly changing world' (Peter MacDonald, Director HR Centres of Excellence, Engie).

Our conversation explored a wide range of challenges explored in the book, many of which we re being experienced by the businesses in the room: how to make time available for creativity; how to ensure the right climate for creativity; adopting the leadership style most conducive to a creative environment; developing sufficient understanding of risk to ensure genuinely novel ideas are not stifled before they have had a chance to be developed.

Our conclusion about longevity arose when the conversation turned to family businesses, and the challenge they face in balancing the history and legacy of their firm with the need for innovation to go forward. The leaders of family businesses are, we agreed, really stewards: their main responsibility is to leave the business in a better place for the next generation, which is why the best family firms have creativity and innovation truly embedded in their DNA.

100% of those attending would recommend this event, saying:

"Good book, very interesting discussion", Rob Butcher, Braunability

"Interesting, wide-ranging discussion", Jeremy Marchant, Emotional Intelligence at Work

"My first event, but lovely to share ideas and explore my own thinking", Hilary Barnett, logical levels

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The Book Club - How leaders learn to boost creativity in teams
From l to r: Rob Butcher, Peter Quintana, Rob Sheffield, Kim Jones, Hilary Barnett, Charles Smee, Charles van de Lande, Melanie Knight, Jeremy Marchant

Special thanks for Simon Camper for the photography.

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